A Commission Solution Made with Insurance in Mind

Comissio is a leading, all-in-one software solution designed to help automate and manage commission processing and tracking for Health and Life & Accident insurance businesses.

Designed and developed by insurance technology veterans, Comissio helps technology-enabled insurance agencies, carriers, and FMOs consolidate commission management systems into one powerful platform.

Using intuitive cloud-based technology, Comissio is designed to help finance & accounting teams automate calculations, payouts, and reporting for new and recurring commissions, adjustments, and chargebacks. With Comissio, users can process commissions exponentially faster, remain current with fluctuating rates and policies, and reduce human error in manual calculations, commission and chargeback tracking.

The innovation-led platform also offers transparency for executive and sales teams by maintaining accurate and real-time agent account balances. 

What Sets Comissio Apart

  • List Item Process commissions across all carriers in a single run, with options to process individual carriers or multiple carriers
  • List Item Run new and recurring commissions in same cycle
  • List Item Reconcile by individual carrier and breakdown by carrier and product type
  • List Item Target, track, and recover chargebacks to prevent financial losses
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What Sets Comissio Apart